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MicroCorp was founded in 1986 with a mission to simplify the purchase and management of telecommunication services for business customers. Since that time, we have partnered with over 35 quality telecommunication providers to deliver the solutions that are right for your business; however, we do not stop there.

We manage these solutions through our process management software called Nautilus and empower you to manage all of your carrier services inventory and expenses through our hosted software application called Insite. MicroCorp delivers these solutions through one of the nation’s largest distribution networks, consisting of over 1,500 Telecommunication Agents, System Integrators and VARS.

MicroCorp is a Graduate Member of the Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech and serves on the Advisory board of several telecommunications carriers.

At MicroCorp we provide solutions to four different types of Customers:

The Telecommunications Agent - MicroCorp was founded as being a managed distribution channel for telecommunication products and services that cater to the needs of business customers. We are generally referred to as a Telecommunications Master Agency. Today, we are not only one of the largest distribution channels in the telecommunications industry, but with our commitment to true partnership and constant innovation, we have raised the bar to become the industry’s Next Generation Master Agency. If you are a professional Telecom Agent and wish to learn more about how you can open more doors, close more deals and retain the customers you already have, we encourage you to visit The MicroCorp Partner Program website

The Value Added Reseller (VAR) - Are you looking to provide a complete solution to your customers by bundling carrier services with your equipment offering? MicroCorp makes it easy with The VARs Network, by providing you with a turnkey carrier services program. We provide you with the sales and support staff, access to multi-carrier services, and all the back office and value-added tools needed to not just do the job right, but make you a hero to your customers. To learn more about The VARs Network, Click Here.

The Telecommunications Carrier - MicroCorp is one of the most progressive companies when it comes to managing a distribution channel for the Telecommunication’s industry. We are focused on quality sales and customer retention process that drives a higher ROI for our Service Providers. We’re committed to consistently raising the value of the Indirect Channel within our carrier organizations.

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The Business Customer - At MicroCorp, we provide small, medium, and large business customers with telecommunication solutions tailored to the needs of their business. These solutions are not limited to just the sale of telecom products; rather, we take a comprehensive approach to your telecom needs and are prepared to provide you with the following services: 

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To learn more about becoming a MicroCorp Service Provider, please Click Here

At MicroCorp, we provide a level of value that no other company can match. We simplify the management of telecommunication services and support one of the nation’s largest distribution channels, and we never stop asking these questions: What do our customers, channel partners and vendors want from us today and tomorrow? How do we continually add value to each of these segments so that we are able to foster growth and customer loyalty? It is in these questions our corporate strategy is found and is communicated throughout our website. We encourage you to browse through our website and...

"Discover what MicroCorp can do for You"!



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