3 Ways the Internet of Things Can Help You Sell Unified Communications

Selling anything is simple, though it’s almost never easy. All anyone has to do to make a sale is convince the buyer that the value of the item being sold is greater than the value of the cash required to make the sale happen. For those who sell unified communications systems, that can prove a challenge. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), however, a whole new opportunity has opened up to help drive those unified communications sales.
How to Use IoT to Sell Unified Communications
IoT represents a terrific opportunity to better sell unified communications thanks to its new benefits. Astute sales reps can take advantage of these to overcome objections and fuel sales.
A powerhouse in fleet. Anyone with a fleet—vans, trucks, or even drones if the FAA can get off the dime—can appreciate the value of IoT. It allows for easy tracking, updates on shipment status, reports on maintenance issues, and more. Incorporating unified communications simplifies the connectivity process and allows the information that IoT systems gather to be more readily sent back for use.
Improvements in monitoring. The same principles that make IoT and unified communications a power in fleet management can be readily put to work in other segments. Use the combined force of both technologies on the factory floor to track finished goods inventory or raw materials status. Use it in the warehouse to track locations of goods and alert on reduced quantities. Then use all that data to better improve workflow, address bottlenecks, and ultimately improve productivity.
Impress on your customer that more devices do not create a headache – they create an opportunity to really see unified communications shine given its collaborative functionalities.
Build better collaboration. It’s one thing to have information, but it’s another altogether to use it effectively. While unified communications systems tend to improve collaboration alone by offering more ways to keep employees talking to each other, IoT generates data that makes that communication more effective. It also helps keep data where it’s needed, meaning there’s less time wasted in trying to find the information about shipping schedules, raw materials figures, or whatever needs to be discussed.
Want to Improve Your Ability to Sell Unified Communications?
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