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A Huge New Opportunity for Channel Partners in the Internet of Things

The emergence of the internet of things (IoT) has caused both disruption and excitement in the channel in recent years. Concerns around security have bubbled up right alongside anticipation for what the world of internet-connected devices will bring to the enterprise. Mobility opportunities aside, the internet of things means bigger sales for channel partners because a few factors:
A massive market. Goldman Sachs study notes that the internet of things is expected to connect around 28 billion devices by 2020. The bandwidth that is going to be required to maintain the connectivity of those 28 billion devices is something not even Goldman Sachs can wrap its mind around. Broadband needs are only set to increase. Partners should take note now.
Supreme customizationThe internet of things can represent an opportunity for any channel partner to offer pricing plans specifically built around IoT devices. Do you have companies that are looking for both mobility plans, BYOD policies, compliance requirements for devices, as well as security? You can look at the bigger package to consider how best to sell to companies adopting more connected devices.
Data value. Telecom companies stand to gain another way with the internet of things, and that’s through the data pools that will be created from businesses using IoT devices. This in turn becomes the fodder for key insights, which spur product development and lets you build solutions potential customers were only starting to wonder about.
Market distinctiveness. It’s hard to compete as a channel partner; speed and bandwidth are largely universal, and that means price and customer service are the two competitive edges left. With the internet of things, you can not only customize your offerings to the user’s needs, but you can also separate yourself from the provider pack by offering such solutions in the first place. Throw in extras like a router that offers cloud storage and stay by your customers so they know you’re dedicated to them. These actions will help differentiate you.
How to Take Advantage of the Internet of Things in Selling
There’s no doubt that IoT represents an excellent opportunity to make sales. When you want to put that kind of power on your side, start by getting in touch with us at MicroCorp. As a master agent, we’re ready to step in with education, expertise, and support.


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