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MicroCorp Sales Engineer, Sean Weisenburger, Elaborates on CCaaS

When the industry speaks of “CLOUD”, a more in depth clarification of this term is needed to define what the solution is to look like. It could be as simple as a server collocated in a data center or a full blown business platform an entire company runs off of. The migration of on premise to a “CLOUD” solution is increasingly becoming a conversation the CEO, CFO and CIO are having.

One segment of this increasingly hot “CLOUD” conversation is the Cloud Contact Center or Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS). If you are following this specific “as a service” industry you will see some recent acquisition in this space. ShoreTel and their purchase of Corvisa, West and their purchase of Magnetic North, Intelepeer and their purchase of Adventone to name a few. You have industry veterans like inContact who is accelerating their exposure and going deeper into the call centers capabilities with Workforce Management and Workforce Optimization.

Needless to say this is a completely different sale than your typical WAN or Voice solution. This is a true solution sale. These are conversations where IT does not drive the solution. This is a C-level conversation, marketing discussion or even the call center director’s decision on how to enable and engage their customers on multiple platforms (Text, Chat, Dial, etc.) and optimize the company’s expenses of running a call center. This is where agents can show their value as a true consultant.

The days of owning the infrastructure to support the Contact/Call Center software are ending. CFO’s want to know what their budget is 3-5 years down the road. They rather see OPEX and not CAPEX on their books. Moving platforms like this into the cloud mitigate the risk of buying hardware, software, maintenance and labor for an on premise solution. There are many upsides to looking at this as a business owner or decision maker.

As the erosion of pricing on circuitry keep declining, the traditional channel agent needs to re-invent himself.

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