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Five Big New Predictions for the Cloud in 2018

If 2017 seemed like a big year for cloud to you, there’s a good reason: it was a big year for cloud. What’s more, there’s every sign that 2018 will be just as big and maybe even bigger. So big, in fact, that new predictions about the cloud have started emerging on several fronts. Which of these predictions should you watch for? What will cloud possibly do for—or even to—your business? Check out some of these predictions and start getting your plans for 2018 in cloud in place.
What’s Ahead for the Cloud in 2018?
Thanks in large part to its versatility, there’s a lot to consider about the cloud to come. Good news, bad news, and general changes in the landscape are all part of what’s to come.
A more personal cloud. While businesses have increasingly found value in cloud-based operations, there’s another side of the cloud coin to consider: customer-facing applications. Regular people increasingly desire cloud applications not only for work-related tasks, but also for after-hours fun and living. Development should therefore accelerate on that front.

Microservices architecture will gain. Container orchestration will prove a growing part of the cloud industry. With containers hot, new applications developers will increasingly work in a microservices framework. Cross-cloud container dominance will prompt developers to focus on open cloud stacks to prevent a chance at vendor lock-in.
Cloud sprawl on the rise. Vendor lock-in will terrify businesses to the point they will diversify rapidly. The problem with that, however, is that it may ultimately produce multiple clouds’ worth of data siloing, and that will require new management techniques executed at the human level.
Traffic will shift. Enterprise users are expected to shift as much as 10 percent from carrier backbones to other operations, and that’s going to put new weight on telecom operators as they scramble to absorb the impact of a lot of extra traffic.
Skills shortages will erupt. Cloud technology skills are likely to prove especially prized and often in short supply. Businesses that can’t attract new talent will need to focus on internal training, a slower but reliable method of having skills in place.
How Do I Prepare for All These Cloud Changes?
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