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Introducing the Next Era of SD-WAN

Countless businesses around the world are already enjoying the many benefits of software defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN), and each day new enterprises are realizing this technology is best suited to meet their increasing networking needs. But, like most modern innovations, the foundations of SD-WAN have evolved in recent years, and an improved version now exists — one that brings more clarity, security, and ease of use for multi-location organizations. Introducing SD-WAN 2.0.

Why a 2.0?

Some of us have witnessed SD-WAN at work over the years and wondered how an improved iteration could take advantage of the technology’s true potential. Centralization, prioritization of traffic, and an improved cloud experience are all great, but SD-WAN can deliver even more to the enterprise.

What’s different?

Traditionally, SD-WAN has focused on improving internet performance and achieving faster connections to WAN architecture. But SD-WAN 2.0 goes further by focusing more on control and remote management — beyond the WAN and into SD-Branch.
With managed WiFi, content filtering, and managing the other pieces of SDN, 2.0 takes everything to the next level to include “SD-LAN” — essentially, LAN management. With 2.0, you can manage the individual pieces on your network. In this way, SD-WAN 2.0 takes the granular level of control available with SD-WAN to the local network.
Where SD-WAN “1.0” took everything to the demarc, 2.0 takes it almost to the computer. It’s a full diagnostic suite that goes beyond the firewall. Cyber security is a big focus here. “1.0” gave enterprises a way to create virtual private networks (VPNs) based on low-cost broadband access, but 2.0 enables users to manage the security aspect of what’s going on in their networks with intelligent sharing and other advanced security features.
2.0 combines what people buy in multiple products today. Gone are the days of having to purchase a firewall, managed WiFi, network diagnostics packages, and LAN management all separately. And, gone are the days of needing IT people at every branch location. With 2.0, businesses can go deeper into their networks. This next generation of SD-WAN is for the business ahead of its time and for partners who are ready to sell the future.
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