It’s Time to Learn a New Way of Selling Digital Transformation

Digital transformation allows organizations to leverage data centers, managed services, SD-WAN, managed security, and a host of other cloud applications to support their business goals. With the surge in these new solutions, it can be daunting for traditional partners to look at the list of technologies involved without feeling some panic. After all, most partners have experience steeped in designing traditional telecom networks such as MPLS and DIA, having more discussions focused on the familiar grounds of cost, network availability, and carrier capabilities. The world of overhauling a business’s entire infrastructure and operations to modernize with digital transformation isn’t typically in their bag of expertise.

The telecom agent has a wide breadth of experience and knowledge in telecom and networks – this is where they build credibility. As a consultant on a network, they can be confident knowing that when customers come to them, they’ll be discussing issues or services they know well. But digital transformation is shaking this confidence.

Partners are often unable or unwilling to talk to customers about digital transformation. This, in part, is due to the overwhelming new technologies and business solution outcomes that come with digital transformation. But the mistake most agents make is that they feel they need to learn a vast array of new solutions – from managed security to SD WAN and application optimization. The simple fact is they don’t!

How Can Partners Sell Digital Transformation?

While selling digital transformation can seem intimidating right off the bat, it’s important to note that partners don’t need to be experts in the domain of the multiple technologies involved in it. Approaching digital transformation as a solutions sale rather than a technical expertise discussion can help partners find the confidence needed to approach this sale differently. Their expertise is in the consultative selling process. Learning to sell based on solutions rather than technical expertise can help start conversations with their customers at the VP or CIO level.

Although it is important to have some knowledge about digital transformation technologies before trying to sell it, partners only need to know enough to start a business discussion. And once they start a conversation, they must uncover what the customer wants or needs. So how can they do that?

MicroCorp’s ROI 360

So how do you start the conversation? Partners of Microcorp have had tremendous success with MicroCorp’s ROI 360 assessment offering provided by MicroCorp’s Cloud Division. It is an extremely affordable and accessible product that helps customers assess how digital transformation can help their business. And as they go through the consultative selling journey with their client, they can bring along the experts from MicroCorp’s community that they need to help them in the process, integrating them at the right time.

MicroCorp Cloud has partners in many different areas that can come in and work with partners and their clients to build expertise as part of their consultative sales process. What’s more, partners can decide how engaged MicroCorp’s team is in the process. Whether they want general guidance from start to finish or want our solutions architects and business consultants to be intimately involved with the whole sales process, we’ll help partners get the expert guidance they need to ensure successful sales.

Ready to Start Selling Digital Transformation?

If you’re ready to learn a new way of selling, discover MicroCorp’s Ultimate Partner Experience and get the training you need to sell digital transformation. Contact us today to get more information or to get started.


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