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Make IoT Efforts Worthwhile with IoT Security

The biggest problem in Internet of Things (IoT) networks is just what makes them so powerful. IoT networks depend on dozens, even hundreds, of small devices that relay information back to a central point. The devices have to be simple; if they were complex they couldn’t be so easily deployed. The simplicity involved means that protection sometimes suffers, so the proper use of IoT operations comes with a clear focus on IoT security.
IoT Security Makes a Porous Network More Resilient
Shoring up that porous network can be a lot simpler than some might expect.
Consider regulations. Your customers may already be working under a set of regulations that dictate security measures to take. Generally, these will cover what’s needed for IoT security since that same data needs to travel the network covered by regulations.
Check your passwords. Let your customers know that proper network security starts with good passwords. Ensure the passwords in place use mixes of letters, numbers and symbols, and also consider the use of multi-factor authentication, like using a text message to an employee’s cell phone or the like.
Never use the stock password. If a device comes with a password, your customer should change it immediately. Hard-coded passwords can be used by outsiders, and by making a change as quickly as possible during installation, that improves the chances of keeping outsiders out.
Don’t leave everything on. Some IoT devices come with features that aren’t really necessary, and some of these can be used to circumvent security. Shut off automatic connection or buttons that allow password changes.
Consider your traffic. Your customers should check the software ports on your IoT devices; if they’re not already blocking incoming traffic, be sure those ports are restricted. Also suggest that your customer consider the use of a virtual private network (VPN) to further mask traffic.
Look into encryption. So much of security is about keeping outsiders outside, but why risk data security on that all-or-nothing ploy alone? Using encryption to protect data allows companies to get the best of all worlds. While perimeter defense works to keep hackers out, encryption makes their efforts ultimately fruitless.
Getting Started with IoT Security
IoT benefits are wide-ranging, but IoT security is vital to making sure your customers get the most out of the system without leaving themselves wide open to outside intruders. Learn more about IoT security by getting in touch with us at MicroCorp. We have a wide range of solutions available, including a complete slate of complex network solutions that includes over 80 different carrier and service providers.


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