MicroCorp Catches up with NICE inContact

We like to catch up with our providers every so often to see what they’ve been innovating and to let our partners know what they can expect from a MicroCorp provider. This week, we talked with Geoff Chretien, VP Channel Sales of NICE inContact to give our partners an inside look at what NICE inContact is up to. If you’ve ever wanted an in-depth look into NICE inContact, keep reading!
Phil: What is the primary pain that your business or offering addresses?
Geoff: The primary “pain” that NICE inContact addresses is that of the customer experience. All businesses have customers, be it internal, or external. The primary problem these businesses are facing right now is that of aging technology and not being able to provide the type of experience their customers are expecting.
Capabilities such as skills-based OmniChannel Routing, IVR/Self Service, social media, artificial intelligence, analytics, and surveys are all critical to providing an excellent customer experience, and many mid-market and enterprise businesses are still stuck on old, outdated premise-based technology.
Phil: What is the most important thing for a partner to know about what you provide?
Geoff: NICE inContact makes it easy and affordable for organizations around the globe to provide exceptional customer experiences while meeting key business metrics. NICE inContact provides the world’s #1 cloud customer experience platform, NICE inContact CXone™, combining best-in-class Omnichannel Routing, Workforce Optimization, analytics, automation and artificial intelligence on an Open Cloud Foundation. NICE inContact is a part of NICE (Nasdaq: NICE), the worldwide leading provider of both cloud and on-premises enterprise software solutions.
Phil: If you could get one question from any prospective partner or customer, what would it be?
Geoff: I’ve never sold/purchased Cloud Contact Center before, how/why should I go about doing that?
Phil: What would your answer be to that question?
Geoff: There’s no better time than now to integrate cloud contact center into your business. One analyst estimates the industry to be valued at $14B now and expected to grow to $29B in 2022 as cloud adoption continues to expand. In fact, Gartner recently did a CEO study about the top 3 things keeping them awake at night. Improving customer experience was in the top 3! If you’re a sales partner, now is the time to introduce NICE inContact to your customers, and if you’re a customer, now is the time to talk to MicroCorp about NICE inContact.
Phil: What do you think is the most important emerging technology right now, and why?
Geoff: I think Cloud Contact Center is the most important new technology right now, simply because it can transform a company’s entire customer experience.  Within that, features such as OmniChannel Routing, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) on one unified platform are extremely significant. They have been proven to increase revenue, reduce cost, and improve overall customer satisfaction. A typical NICE inContact customer ROI is < 4 months!
Phil: What technology or trend will be the most significant in the coming year, and why?
Geoff: We think the most significant technology trend will continue to be migration to the cloud. Businesses are no longer able to compete on price and product alone. Rather, companies that engage their customers with a variety of channels (i.e. phone, chat, email, or social media channels) will win in this new era of the customer where there is more choice and voice than ever before.
Phil: What would you recommend for partners who are trying to transition to new technologies?
Geoff: I would encourage partners to move up the stack. It’s no longer just about “building the network.” It’s about the cloud software applications that traverse the network that customers are buying to transform their businesses. Partners who step outside their comfort zone and adopt a focus on selling application software like the NICE inContact CXone platform for Contact Center, will win big with their customers. Average deal sizes are larger, stickier, averaging 8-12 years once installed, and tend to grow significantly over time. Partners should leverage their MicroCorp and NICE inContact resources for help in transitioning to selling these new technologies now.
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