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How a Partner Ecosystem Can Move Your Digital Transformation Goals

Digital transformation is one of the greatest goals of many companies today, and though its ultimate form may look different, it’s still one of the biggest single-direction pushes around. Thus, companies are putting a lot of resources and investment behind such development. What if, however, there were a way to achieve digital transformation without the enormous expense? It may be as simple as the use of a partner ecosystem.
What Is a Partner Ecosystem?
A partner ecosystem is a group of firms that have decided to partner, to work together, in pursuit of common interests. These partners—some of which are even competitors—might do such things as share innovations or create mutually-interoperable systems to become part of a larger-scale ecosystem.
How Can a Partner Ecosystem Help Advance Digital Transformation?
A partner ecosystem can deliver value on several fronts to improve the pace to digital transformation.
Less concurrent development. Instead of having five companies spend huge amounts of research and development capital trying to invent the same thing, some have found that it’s better to let one company focus on one point, while someone else focuses on another. The result is a partner ecosystem that’s developing the same project, but different parts.
Greater focus in development. Major companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google have all been putting partner ecosystems to work for some time now, using open-source libraries to both contribute to and derive insights from them. By working in a partner ecosystem, while there’s some giving away of insights and development, there’s also plenty of receipt, allowing companies to stop trying to reinvent the wheel and instead take advantage of what’s already known.
Improved supply operations. While ecosystem partners have long been counted on in terms of supply and demand, partner ecosystems provide improvements to the supply chain by opening up the individual data silos that companies represent, and allowing everyone to take advantage of the information contained within. A major example of supply technology improved by partner ecosystems is blockchain, which allows every company in the ecosystem to share data and verify what’s going on.
Partner ecosystems allow you to address technology outside your wheelhouse.Partner ecosystems can enable you to provide a complete solution for your customers even if you lack the expertise in a particular area. For example, if you need to provide infrastructure, having a trusted IaaS expert in your ecosystem allows you to become the trusted resource for your customer while working with your expert colleague in the background.
How Do I Get Started Using a Partner Ecosystem in Digital Transformation?
If you’d like to take advantage of what a partner ecosystem can do for you, then all you need to do is get in touch with us at MicroCorp. We have a complete ecosystem community we call the Solutions Alliance that brings together agents and other independent providers to help you move along the path to digital transformation.


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