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SD-WAN: Don’t Worry, You Haven’t Been Left Behind

It’s easy for MicroCorp partners to feel like they’ve missed the SD-WAN train. While seeming like it’s all the rage, it is actually here to stay, and if you haven’t made the effort to educate yourself on the ins and outs of the technology (or SDN, for starters) then of course you’ll be daunted. But, it’s not too late, and here’s why.

The Myth of SD-WAN

When I give talks on the topic, I ask the room: “How many of you are talking about SD-WAN?” Everyone raises their hands.

Then I ask: “How many of you have quoted an SD-WAN deal?” A portion of the group sits down.

Then: “How many people have installed and gotten paid on SD-WAN deals?” Usually, out of 200 people, 5 people are left standing after that question.

Therein lies the hype versus the reality. Yes, it’s the future. Yes, everyone’s talking about it. But only a small number of people have made deals because SD-WAN has failed to productize thus far.

SD-WAN has taken a while to adopt because it is similar to the cloud in that few people truly understand it and don’t feel comfortable bringing it up with customers. Everyone wants to do something with the cloud, but until recently, no one knew how to put it to work, and this is the conundrum of SD-WAN that MicroCorp partners need to know.

The Need to Productize

Business owners are already buying internet circuits, phone service, and they need to transition to hosted, or move their servers to the cloud, etc. SD-WAN is the next transition for MicroCorp partners already selling those services. But they need to understand where SD-WAN comes in and what its benefits to the customer are.

People have realized what the business case for cloud is now. SD-WAN is approaching that stage. Asking people if they want SD-WAN will fall flat if you don’t explain the business case in real terms. Provide examples of real use-cases such as a gas station’s network goes down and they can’t run credit cards. Every minute lost is tons of revenue. And if that company has multiple branches? 10-fold loss.

Businesses rushed to the cloud without realizing what that connection really means if it goes away. SD-WAN is an actual solution to the difficulties of the cloud transition.

The key element MicroCorp partners can embrace in order to sell SD-WAN is to demonstrate the real need. SD-WAN enables vital business services to stay up when an outage happens so they don’t lose tangible amounts of revenue.

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