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Security: Your New Secret Weapon in the Competitive Edge Wars

The competition is absolutely everywhere. How do you stand out and protect your own market share when rivals are offering similar pricing? One way is to be the go-to resource for one of the biggest problems a business faces: security.
How Do I Become the Go-to Resource for Security?
Being a resource in security is a great way to present a value proposition, and becoming that resource can be a simple process.
Learn the risks. Risks vary widely, and often change. Whether it’s the theft of privileged access credentials, assaults staged by insiders within the company, or issues over control of access, there’s a lot of risk out there. Even the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) market and the new endpoints—and potential points of weakness—that come with it mean a whole new set of risks some may not have even considered. Whether you’re talking about perimeter defense or internal data defense, there are risks all over the spectrum.
Learn countermeasures. It’s not enough to just know the risks, however, as you’ll need to learn how to address these risks. Securing endpoints, using encryption to protect data that’s already in the fold, and even how to make sure that security tools like the USB-based Rubber Ducky are used for their intended purpose only will help make you the first stop when businesses want better security.
Learn from peers and industry experts. You can train yourself until you’re blue in the face, but nothing will empower you to become the security expert your customers need better than connecting with those who are already experts in the field. Connecting with industry colleagues and folks who’ve been doing it a while can be the most valuable method of educating yourself. Learn more about MicroCorp’s Solutions Alliance program to connect with an ecosystem of providers and partners who can help you become an expert in security and more.
As a master agent, we work with a wide range of products and businesses, and can help make you the security force in your area that your customers are just begging to work with. So get started by getting in touch with us to build yourself into a security expert your customers can count on.


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