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Spotlight on Nextiva: ‘Change Your Ability to Communicate with Your Customers’

Here at MicroCorp, we like to stay in touch with our partners. We also like to make sure that they get the spotlight every once in a while. That’s why I sat down with Ira Feuerstein, Channel Chief of Nextiva, to get his perspective on what Nextiva is bringing to market, where he sees the channel headed, and his thoughts on some emerging trends. Read on to learn what Nextiva is bringing to the partners’ table. 

Keenan: What is the primary pain that your business or offering addresses?
Feuerstein: Nextiva is a true Unified Communications company, creating products to help businesses navigate their customers journey through their organization.  Through offering a robust group of communications services including hosted VoIP, web chat, surveys, email marketing, CRM, and more, Nextiva has a full suite of products that truly change businesses’ abilities to communicate with their customers.

Keenan: What is the most important thing for a partner to know about what you provide?
Feuerstein: Partners really need to understand that the communications world is growing ever more complicated and that offering a solution rather than just “slapping a product in for a customer” will offer them the ability to make much more money and have a more stable and loyal customer base. 
Keenan: If you could get one question from any prospective partner or customer, what would it be?
Feuerstein: The question I always love from a partner/customer is: “What makes you different than every other provider out there?” I literally break out in a huge smile every single time! The truth of it is that the industry is full of “me too” companies – not many unicorns like Nextiva! We get that question, we win 99% of the time.  
Keenan: What would your answer be to that question?
Feuerstein: There are three core parts of that answer…three legs that hold us up.

  • Leg 1 – we have a tenacious commitment to 100% amazing service. It’s everything to us. We track it, we hold ourselves accountable to it every single day.
  • Leg 2 – We have great technology. Nine data centers across North America, fully redundant and cross-connected into all the major ISP companies (like Comcast, AT&T, etc.) for great quality of calls.
  • Leg 3 – We are jumping innovation curves by allowing our customers to have a full suite of communications services that tie together in a perfect way. By connecting your voice, web chat, customer surveys, social media monitoring, and CRM systems, businesses will ALWAYS have a finger on the pulse of their customers. No one else in the industry does this…no one!

Keenan: What do you think is the most important emerging technology right now, and why?
Feuerstein: I really believe artificial intelligence is super key in technology. AI allows us to monitor all customer interactions and make proactive decisions and implement actions accordingly. Imagine this: Nextiva is monitoring social media for you and our system sees a positive tweet about you. The system can analyze the tweet, understand it is positive, and score the customer as being very happy with you. Once a customer is considered very happy, then do something, like perhaps sell them something new.  I’m sure you can see the power of this.
Keenan: What technology or trend will be the most significant in the coming year, and why?
Feuerstein: To me, it’s really teaching the best of the best partners how to solution-sell and not just go down the path of just selling voice or data. With our new suite of services, you can start anywhere in the communication stack. Example:  just sell them chat as an easy way in and then backdoor your way into everything else.
Keenan: What would you recommend for partners who are trying to transition to new technologies?
Feuerstein: Don’t try to be an expert in everything, but do get educated. Use your Nextiva team (one of our 45 local Channel Managers or our big Sales Engineering team) to help you go to market.  Know enough to get the customer interested and then bring the subject matter experts in to help seal the deal.
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