Tackling One of The Great Objections: UC Costs

It’s easily one of the biggest objections when it comes to unified communications (UC): costs. As UC costs can be one of the main reasons that potential buyers don’t throw their hats in the ring, partners need tools to convince them it’s worth it. Beating the cost objection is simple but not always easy – all that needs to be done is to demonstrate that the value of UC is greater than the value of the cash that would be required to bring it in. So how do you do that? The best way is to look at the trends that are emerging regarding cloud and how businesses spend so you know what your customers are considering.
Here are some trends that will affect how businesses spend money on the cloud and specifically consider UC costs.
Budgets are on the rise…mostly. The good news is some hefty gains are afoot in total IT budget spend. The gains aren’t universal, but they’re there; 46.2% of companies are planning increases with an average of 18%, while only 6% of firms are planning cuts. (Those cuts, however, will be deep; the average cut is 22%.) Additionally, the firms likely to bolster budgets are larger firms, where firms under 250 employees remain skittish about hikes.
Cloud is growing. Right now, architectures are broken down into three classes: on-premise, hybrid, and cloud. Those with on-premise solutions hold 33% of the market, cloud at 29%, while 38% hold hybrid. Those with hybrid architectures are either planning to go full cloud over several years or stay hybrid permanently. Cloud, therefore, is on the rise as the other two classes hold ground or decline.
Cost is no longer the priority. While most think of cost savings first in a cloud transition, only 17.9% of companies in recent studies have actually seen such savings. Oddly, 35.6% actually saw costs rise in the wake of a cloud transition. Costs in general are a declining priority, down from 49% in 2017 to 33.1% in 2018. The big new priority is agility, which large businesses commonly need. (And those large businesses are the ones boosting their IT budgets as noted previously.)
When You Need Some Help Proving Value of UC Costs
Proving value isn’t always easy, even when you know how to tailor your approach. Sometimes, you’ll need something extra. For that, look to us at MicroCorp. As a master agent, we offer expertise in unified communications among a host of other technologies, and we can help you prepare yourself with the flawless arguments for UC to make that sale.


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