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Get the most out of channel partner sales.

Sell to Your Customers Forever with Recurring Revenue Strategies

Get the most out of channel partner sales.One of the greatest advances in sales is the concept of subscription selling. While this was huge for publications, only recently has it been applied to other markets. From snacks to toiletries and beyond, the notion of getting a customer to pay monthly for a recurring shipment of goods is catching on, effectively allowing businesses to sell to their customers forever. In the channel, meanwhile, subscription sales allow technology-related firms to do the exact same thing.

Channel partner sales that include recurring revenue strategies offer distinct advantages over normal selling.

Added credibility. By being the one a company turns to for technological advice, you put yourself in a prime position to offer new solutions to address current problems, often available on a subscription basis. As Sean Tario, VP of MicroCorp Cloud division, put it, partners often don’t know what options are out there, or they can’t sort their way through the acronyms involved. A partner who can, therefore, becomes prized. And a  prized partner has a leeway he or she likely didn’t have before, especially when it comes to recommending new technology options.

Head off obsolescence. These days, technology is “auto-catalytic.” That means it provides the fuel necessary to evolve into its next state. It provides its own catalyst for growth and change. So effectively, by the time you learn enough about one technology to sell it, the learning is already moot; the technology has changed. Stay in-the-know about evolving technologies through your partner ecosystem and advance your sales.

Monetize your own services. Subscription sales with sticky customers mean sales that happen over and over again. There’s no need for prospecting or the like; the sales largely just happen thanks to the customer’s dependence on the partner, and the partner’s ability to keep up with customer demand. By monetizing your own services, you continue to create more opportunity for yourself.

Expanded revenue potential. Recurring sales are great, but now, you’ve got new opportunities to make sales that weren’t there before. Your partner ecosystem can help you learn about new technologies, migrate from old ones, and develop the knowledge to go back to old clients and see if there are gaps that can be filled in.

When You Need Help Setting Up Recurring Revenue Opportunities

Setting up channel partner sales that are recurring requires you to have the right mix of things to offer. If you don’t already have these in your stable, or you’re looking for some added diversity in the lineup, drop us a line at MicroCorp. We help partners sell a wide range of technologies, covering unified communications and software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) among others that help you offer up the perfect package for recurring sales.

Using digital transformation to improve channel partner sales.

Improve Your Channel Partner Sales with Digital Transformation

Using digital transformation to improve channel partner sales.Improving channel partner sales is MicroCorp’s focus, and digital transformation can actually boost opportunities for partners. This process of moving from a hardware-focus to more of a software-focus is bringing with it some great new opportunities to make sales.

How Can I Use Digital Transformation to Drive Sales?

Since there are several facets involved in digital transformation, there are several ways to use it to make improve channel partner sales.

SD-WAN. One of the biggest digital transformation moves around, software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) is a great fit for businesses with multiple locations. It takes what’s already worked with WAN operations and expands on it by taking the focus off hardware and putting it more on software.

Unified communications. Unified communications systems incorporate voice, video, conferencing systems and more, it’s an excellent all-in-one package, and also provides a great opportunity for sales by offering the basic infrastructure points—or even the limited hardware required—to do the job right.

BYOD. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) doctrine is a great cost-saver for businesses as employees bring their devices of choice to work. It takes some advance preparation to do correctly, though, so this is a good opportunity for channel partner sales in network security, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more.

Cloud services. While unified communications is a major cloud service, it’s not the only one. The cloud is increasingly offering a range of services from analytics to disaster recovery. Having these services on hand can mean excellent partner sales for businesses looking to branch out, better protect themselves, or perform a wide range of functions without having the hardware on hand.

Data center functions. Whether it’s on-premises, cloud-based, or a hybrid of the two, businesses are taking advantage of having their data immediately to hand and readily shared out throughout the organization. Channel partner sales benefit here, particularly for targets that have no data center or want to change the current one.

How Do I Get Started with Digital Transformation?

If you see opportunity in digital transformation, then the way to take advantage of it to start making more sales is to start working with a master agent, like us at MicroCorp. We can provide options for several stages of digital transformation. Plus, our Ultimate Partner Training program can help keep you on the cutting edge of new developments. So don’t let digital transformation pass you by; get in touch with us to get started making new channel partner sales.