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The vital connection between cyber security and digital transformation.

Cyber Security and Digital Transformation: the Right Combo is Crucial

The vital connection between cyber security and digital transformation.When the cloud first came on the scene, many businesses laughed at the notion outright. Uploading sensitive data to what amounted to an online storage facility seemed like a sure way to get that information stolen. Fast forward a few years and it’s now a vital part of everyday operations. Today, digital transformation is all the rage, but similar skepticism remains. Combining cyber security and digital transformation is an opportunity for agents who can put themselves on the tip of the spear.

What Agents Should Know About Cyber Security and Digital Transformation

A digital transformation can come with a range of cyber security issues.

Compliance vs. security. While it’s tempting to only secure a system as far as regulations require—there aren’t any bonus points for exceeding compliance, after all—compliance doesn’t automatically equal security. Security requires regular updates, often made before compliance can actively demand them. Impressing this detail on customers can make a lot of difference, and help keep customers genuinely secure rather than just believing themselves secure.

Best practices. There are certain points that are commonly regarded as smart moves regardless of the circumstances in cyber security. Applying these to digital transformations can also help. Establishing procedures for basics like engaging in proper patch management—applying those software updates in a timely fashion to get the most out of them—and sharing threat intelligence means a better environment for all, including individual businesses. Plus, the agent that recommends these points comes out ahead in the “trusted expert” category that can open up sales potential.

Don’t forget the specifics. Digital transformation – and how it potentially opens up a business to vulnerabilities and compromise – has its own unique security hang-ups. For instance, digital transformation involving Internet of Things (IoT) devices requires cyber security that addresses not only the fragile endpoints, but also the network, which is now at greater risk. Digital transformation involving automation, meanwhile, requires improved transparency and the ability to allow human intervention should issues emerge. Being able to offer security products to fit these more specific needs will not only improve your sales, but also contribute to your perceived expertise and value to your client.

How to Get Help Connecting Cyber Security and Digital Transformation

If you’re unsure of how to proceed in bringing better connection between cyber security and digital transformation, start by reaching out to us at MicroCorp. Our background in SD-WAN and cloud-based operations makes us a natural fit for issues of cyber security and digital transformation.

UCaaS solutions increase exposure for security breaches.

Understanding the Connections Between UCaaS and Cyber Security

UCaaS solutions increase exposure for security breaches.When businesses move away from centralized hardware private branch exchanges (PBXs) and migrate to unified communications as a service (UCaaS), they’re probably not thinking much about the intersection of UCaaS and cyber security. However, going from a private network in PBX to a UCaaS solution with PBX functionality living in the cloud means that multiple internet connections will open up across business offices. And when this occurs, there will be dozens of exposure points for security breaches.

With UCaaS, not only do businesses become more exposed in that way, but they also have more internet connections to lock down. And, businesses implementing bring your own device (BYOD) programs that allow employees to use their own devices could bring additional security breaches. So how does a CIO handle mobility, and what is the best strategy for a partner to address the issue of UCaaS and cyber security?

The Importance of UCaaS and Cyber Security Knowledge

In order to counterattack UCaaS and cyber security concerns, it’s essential for partners to be educated on security to tie all the pieces together. And security doesn’t necessarily mean just the firewall. Migrating to the cloud with a solution such as UCaaS means that a fair share of security concerns, like those posed with BYOD programs, will be present.

With more and more businesses moving to the cloud, statistics have revealed that by 2020, 75 million VoIP and UC subscribers will be in the cloud – increasing vulnerability to attack due to the larger space. And in 2016, cyber security attacks using VoIP grew and were responsible for more than 51% of the issues analyzed that year.

As businesses continue moving workloads from servers and hardware at data centers headquarters to the cloud, partner opportunities – whether that be security or UC – will keep coming from those migrations.

Therefore, it’s important to understand that working in areas such as UC, security, networking, etc. means that you can’t talk about one solution without considering the others. They’re all so tightly ingrained with one another that they’re impossible to split apart, and partners should consider such a bundled concept.

As a partner, being well-rounded in all these areas, recognizing opportunities when speaking with contacts, and working with experts in these disciplines will be critical for your success moving forward. They will allow you to sell security on top of UCaaS solutions.

Reach out to MicroCorp for the Ultimate Training

If you’d like to gain more knowledge about how technologies – and the opportunity to sell them – are inherently tied like UCaaS and security, contact us today. Our Ultimate Partner Training will ensure that you’re educated on the connections among these solutions so that you’re better able to sell the technologies that address all of your customer’s concerns.

Discover how partners can become the go-to for all their customer's endpoint security needs.

How Partners Can Become the Go-to for Their Customers’ Endpoint Security Needs

by Scott MacIntire, Director, Channel Enablement – MicroCorp Cloud

Discover how partners can become the go-to for all their customer's endpoint security needs.Understanding the needs of your customers is vital to your survival as a partner your customers can rely on for challenging technical issues – including endpoint security.

As the internet of things (IoT) gains wider adoption and more devices share the network, your partners are going to see the expansion of the surface area (more devices) for the threat actors to attack. Every device in the network becomes an attack vector for these malicious actors. Your expertise on the network will be more important than ever to your customers. Not just provisioning and managing it, but securing it.

Security is also a great starting point for a discussion with your customers when you want to expand outside of selling the traditional network services. This conversation will get you into speaking about their compute infrastructure and allow you to provide the security solution your customers require. I find that once they trust you with security, they’ll trust you with the infrastructure as well.

Lack of Confidence Selling Security?

The channel understands the network and its complexity, but not everyone feels confident when it comes to network security. We are constantly bombarded with very confusing and scary messaging about cyber security. Fancy buzz words are the order of the day for the security industry. In order to gain the confidence in having discussions on security, find a few security partners and take the time to listen to their stories over and over again. Invite them to discovery calls with your customers.

Finding various providers and listening to them will help you make better sense of the the overall security story. You will pick up on the buzzwords, and you will see that while each one has a different way of protecting their customers’ environments, there are several themes that are consistent. Identifying how they solve those problems and understanding this should give you the confidence to have more security discussions.

Dealing with FUD

With cyber security, most providers often claim that you’ll get breached if you don’t choose their solution – injecting fear, uncertainty, and doubt. To get past that problem, you need to have some standard themes you are looking for in their product and services. The most important thing to look for is a clear proof of value for the solution. This is usually a dashboard that gives the customer operational visibility. It usually shows the number of attacks being stopped and the status of the environment’s devices. You should also look for a fully managed solution. The provider should have a team of experts monitoring the environment 24×7. Threat actors never sleep and neither should your provider. All of MicroCorp’s security providers bring these two capabilities, a visible proof of value, and 24×7 management to the table.

How to Handle Ongoing Challenges

Security is a never-ending game of cat and mouse. Threat actors are always adapting to the security vendors’ solutions. In order to increase – as well as retain – your knowledge of endpoint and security in general it’s important to be conversant in the basics. Jump on provider webinars. Subscribe to some cyber security blogs. Keep learning. These are the same fundamentals that have made you successful selling network solutions, and you should be confident that these best practices that help you grow on the network side will help your security business as well.

Looking for an Expert to Help You Get Answers?

If you’re looking for a master agent to help you approach security discussions with your customers, MicroCorp is your partner. Our team of experts will assist you, answer your questions, and bring the right providers to help you sell that deal. That’s a big differentiator. Contact us today for more information.