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How SD-WAN and UCaaS work together.

How Do SD-WAN and UCaaS Work Together?

How SD-WAN and UCaaS work together.Improved network. UCaaS depends on its network and SD-WAN improves network performance. SD-WAN’s ability to prioritize traffic and monitor the network from one pane of glass allows for higher-quality throughput and a better UCaaS experience. SD-WAN can allow problems to be spotted and fixed quickly so cloud-based solutions such as UCaaS don’t suffer downtime. 

Better routing. When it comes to quality of service (QoS) in UCaaS, there are three major factors that impede quality: packet loss, jitter, and latency. SD-WAN addresses those three issues with dynamic traffic management across healthier network links in real time and – in many cases – voice packet duplication. Some SD-WAN solutions that include cloud managed router capabilities further improve a business’s ability to manage issues that could impede connection quality. 

Improved security. Most think of security as just a good way to keep files safe, but it can actually improve the health of UCaaS as well. One good way to improve overall security in the system is to isolate traffic by application, which makes it tougher for some kinds of security threats to figure out where core applications are located. SD-WAN can offer that kind of isolation, which not only makes the system safer, but also provides a cleaner flow for UCaaS traffic. 

How to Get SD-WAN and UCaaS Working Together

SD-WAN sets the stage for optimal UCaaS performance. It’s the horse you need to pull the cart. These technologies combined make for a great opportunity to improve your sales by offering one alongside the other. When you need some help getting the right SD-WAN to your customers, drop us a line at MicroCorp. As a master agent, we not only have relationships with the industry’s top SD-WAN providers, but we’ve made SD-WAN a primary focus of our Ultimate Partner Training series to help ensure that you’re up to the minute on SD-WAN operations.

Check out our ultimate guide on selling SD-WAN to learn more about the technology itself, how it integrates and supports other solutions, and how channel partners can take full advantage of it.