Taking Advantage of Trends in the Managed Security Market

Security these days is a vital component of any operation. Whether it’s business-facing or customer-facing, data has to be protected from the legions of criminals out there who would love to take advantage of it for their own gain. That, in turn, translates into a lot of opportunity for those who offer services related to the managed security market. They’re not all easy sales, though; plenty of firms have realized the potential of the managed security market and are eager to pursue. So with that in mind, here are some key points to remember to give you the best shot at closing sales.
What’s Driving the Managed Security Market?
Several factors have combined to make managed security a major market to watch.
Explosive growth. The MarketsandMarkets Global Forecast suggests that, in just 5 years, the market will gain more than $100 billion in total value. From $152 billion in 2017 to $258 billion by 2022, that’s opportunity on the hoof. Plus, companies are planning to increase their spending on security, ranging from data-loss prevention to network and endpoint protection. Even data encryption is poised to benefit.
A need for specialists. Generalists will not be rewarded in the market of the future. A Gartner analysis notes that 40% of managed security service contracts will be bundled with additional services 3 years’ time, up from 20% right now. These services include such points as network penetration tests and end-user training.
Sell on fear. It’s been projected that as much as 99% of all cybervulnerabilities are at least partially controlled by adherence to the United Kingdom’s Cyber Security Essentials program. Selling according to this metric will either provide for maximum protection—there’s no such thing as foolproof protection—or a way to address that missing 1%.
Watch out for the cloud. Remember that bit about specialists in the market? Cloud providers are already strong on security — a necessity given how many companies are taking advantage of cloud services. Cloud providers have thus far had to strengthen security to accommodate users’ concerns, and are therefore well-positioned to offer managed security services.
Get Some Help Handling the Managed Security Market
If the managed security market sounds like a good one to pursue, there are plenty of reasons to think that way. When you want help breaking in, though, drop us a line at MicroCorp. We have a complete range of cloud-based solutions—from complex network solutions to data center operations—that will give you plenty to work with and make your customer base take notice. So get in touch with us, and let us help you take advantage of this major new market.


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