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Understanding the Connections Between UCaaS and Cyber Security

When businesses move away from centralized hardware private branch exchanges (PBXs) and migrate to unified communications as a service (UCaaS), they’re probably not thinking much about the intersection of UCaaS and cyber security. However, going from a private network in PBX to a UCaaS solution with PBX functionality living in the cloud means that multiple internet connections will open up across business offices. And when this occurs, there will be dozens of exposure points for security breaches.
With UCaaS, not only do businesses become more exposed in that way, but they also have more internet connections to lock down. And, businesses implementing bring your own device (BYOD) programs that allow employees to use their own devices could bring additional security breaches. So how does a CIO handle mobility, and what is the best strategy for a partner to address the issue of UCaaS and cyber security?
The Importance of UCaaS and Cyber Security Knowledge
In order to counterattack UCaaS and cyber security concerns, it’s essential for partners to be educated on security to tie all the pieces together. And security doesn’t necessarily mean just the firewall. Migrating to the cloud with a solution such as UCaaS means that a fair share of security concerns, like those posed with BYOD programs, will be present.
With more and more businesses moving to the cloud, statistics have revealed that by 2020, 75 million VoIP and UC subscribers will be in the cloud – increasing vulnerability to attack due to the larger space. And in 2016, cyber security attacks using VoIP grew and were responsible for more than 51% of the issues analyzed that year.
As businesses continue moving workloads from servers and hardware at data centers headquarters to the cloud, partner opportunities – whether that be security or UC – will keep coming from those migrations.
Therefore, it’s important to understand that working in areas such as UC, security, networking, etc. means that you can’t talk about one solution without considering the others. They’re all so tightly ingrained with one another that they’re impossible to split apart, and partners should consider such a bundled concept.
As a partner, being well-rounded in all these areas, recognizing opportunities when speaking with contacts, and working with experts in these disciplines will be critical for your success moving forward. They will allow you to sell security on top of UCaaS solutions.
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