Unified Communications and Mid-Size Businesses: What You Need to Know

As a channel partner, you want your mid-size business customers to onboard unified communications to improve growth and – of course – your bottom line. But mid-size companies are unique beasts. Often too big for the simpler packages, yet too small to have the pockets of the enterprise, mid-sizers will need a partner with expertise to guide them through a transition to unified communications. Here are some crucial points to digest for these types of accounts.

What Should I Know About Unified Communications and Mid-Size Businesses?

Everyone’s doing it. A recent Gartner study suggests that mid-size businesses will be increasingly investing in unified communications technology. Moreover, they expect to increase their investment in several different breeds of such technology, including collaboration tools, mobility-related systems, solutions focused on meetings, and more. By failing to invest now, the risk becomes real that other businesses will leapfrog those who don’t.

A focus on cloud. In general, cloud-based tools will continue to get particular attention from the mid-size business. Many mid-sizers are turning to cloud for their IT investments, allowing the partner who specializes in these services to bring out the latest and greatest. This encompasses cloud communications and cloud computing, presenting an opportunity for partners to sell both including UC.

A greater focus on mobility. One point that’s really resonating for the mid-size business is mobility, and unified communications buys are set to focus on that. Whether it’s having some emergency backup for disaster planning and business continuity, or going to a full remote working program, mid-size businesses are looking at unified communications to make connecting easier via remote. Support for video and audio, as well as text, will prove especially prized.

Repurposing resources. Many mid-size businesses are discovering that taking advantage of unified communications doesn’t require a large influx of resources. There’s no need to add on to staff or even retrain staff beyond a few basic points. As scaling is one of the chief concerns for the mid-sizer, this point will be one to drive home with customers looking at moving to the cloud. As the partner, you’ll be able to handle maintenance and similar heavy lifting – a particularly attractive element for a mid-size business.

How to Better Connect Unified Communications and Mid-Size Businesses

If you’re ready to combine unified communications and mid-size businesses, then start the process out by getting in touch with us at MicroCorp. We’re a leading master agent in unified communications, and we provide the best in support for UC as well. Your mid-size business will will be well-provisioned. So don’t go it alone; reach out to us for all the help you could ask for.


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