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You’re Not Too Late for Your Share of SD-WAN Sales

It’s easy to feel left behind on a lot of topics these days. Wish you’d bought a pile of bitcoin back in 2011? Wish you’d bought Google at the IPO? Being left behind is an easy state to be in, but the good news for those looking to make sales in software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) is that the good times haven’t really started rolling yet. There’s still plenty of room to make a mark in this market, with a little of the right information.
Why Isn’t It Too Late to Get in on SD-WAN Sales?
There are several reasons.
There’s no set blueprint for sales. If conditions had evolved to the point where everyone who wanted SD-WAN already had it, then there would have been sure protocols for making sales, derived from patterns made by successful sales attempts. But even as recently as June, groups like VeloCloud were noting that there wasn’t an established blueprint for sales, which means there’s still clearly room to run.
Growth still forecast. Several separate reports from several different market research firms agree on one point: the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of SD-WAN does not fall to zero after 2017. If the growth rate is not stopped completely, then there is room for you to sell.
New developments. If there is to be growth in the market, then developers in the field will pursue their own slice of it. Changes in hardware and software, and the interactions between the two, will still be called for. Replacements for broken systems will be needed, and newer, faster, and better tools will emerge. Those systems will need to be sold, and that means opportunity in selling.
Die-hards will hold out. SD-WAN is often regarded as a good way to replace multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) systems. There are still MPLS users out there, who haven’t made the jump yet for several reasons. Maybe the systems “still work.” Maybe they’re waiting-and-seeing until the new tax cuts arrive to see what effect that has on business. Whatever the reason, the old ways are still in play, and that means opportunity for the astute.
How Do I Get Started Selling SD-WAN?
If you’re looking to sell SD-WAN, then the way to start is by contacting us at MicroCorp. We have an extensive partnership system that opens up access to a range of services and supplementary materials to help you get the best chance at success in this still-growing field. So just drop us a line to get started.


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