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How To Win in This Era of Vendor and Partner Convergence

June 26, 2019

The agent/master agent channel of communications vendors is being disrupted by the convergence of IT and Communications. Telecom and communications suppliers are moving up the stack to offer more complex data and SaaS solutions. As a result, they are moving into the Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Solution Provider channel once served almost exclusively by IT vendors. At the same time, SaaS vendors are starting to recognize an opportunity to leverage the telco agents to expand their reach.

Karin Fields, has spent her entire career as a master agent with MicroCorp, rising all the way up the ranks to CEO. Karin shares where her business is headed, how the lines between telecom agent and MSP are getting blurred, and the new opportunities for her traditional agent channel. Learn how the communications channel is evolving and what you, as a vendor or partner, can do to win in this new landscape. And hear Karin’s tips for 20-something’s looking to enter this industry.

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