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MicroCorp Announces New Cloud Division

January 6, 2021

Leading Master Agent Introduces New Division Dedicated to Empowering Agents in Cloud Solutions and Emerging Technologies

Marietta, GA, January 6, 2020 – MicroCorp introduces its new division, MicroCorp Cloud, which is a new division solely dedicated to empowering partners to advance their cloud services and emerging technologies capabilities. MicroCorp Cloud is the first division within any master agent to have a dedicated focus on emerging technologies and is led by Matt Sanders, an industry veteran in the cloud and data center space.

MicroCorp Cloud is a combination of four different focus areas: Data Center, Security, IoT/AI and Professional Services. It provides access to engineering talent, specialized tools, solutions-focused training and certifications. The availability of services within these focus areas are critical to enable our partners to solve their customers’ business challenges as we continue to provide The Ultimate Partner Experience.

“The IT landscape is changing every day, and for our partners to see continued success, we need to help enable them as a Technologist. Blending the world of traditional agents and managed services providers, empowers our partners to move past the telco rooms and up to the business-critical applications for their customers,” said Matt Sanders, VP of MicroCorp Cloud.

New technology services are rapidly on the rise as companies of all sizes embrace the future of IT.  With the ease of availability of compute, storage, new advancements in IoT and AI, companies are operating differently.  Additionally, companies are being targeted differently by bad cyber actors.  Leveraging the MicroCorp Cloud Division allows partners to engage with any of the hand-picked providers leading the way in emerging technologies.

The MicroCorp Cloud Division provides years of experience, enabling our partners to expand into new opportunities, new revenue streams and supports them throughout the entire sales process.

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