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MicroCorp Implements Cloud-based Convey into Nautilus

March 31, 2016

New Master Agents MicroCorp and WTG Launch Convey Platforms

Marietta, GA (March, 2016)–  Convey Services today increased their market coverage to 37 of the top master agents in the telecommunications and cloud space with the launch of sites for MicroCorp and WTG. Focused on the cloud and telecommunications channel, Convey showcases over 100 of the most significant carriers and vendors in the industry, with another 250+ new carrier, network and hardware suppliers being added to its online portal system in 2016. Convey’s SaaS-based solution saves channel sales teams time and money by simplifying the process of information delivery, along with training and engagement between suppliers and revenue producers.

“MicroCorp works with more than 1500 of the country’s leading communications and cloud consultants, IT experts, MSPs, interconnects and phone vendors,” said Karin Fields CEO/COO of MicroCorp. “Our sales partners rely on us for carrier agreements, training, market knowledge, and on-demand sales engineering along with closing support. MicroCorp has integrated Convey into its Nautilus platform to provide the most accurate, up-to-date content and training specifically geared to the solutions our agents represent in the marketplace. It’s a two-way street between agents and carrier partners. The more each knows about the other, the more intelligent the customer solutions we can deliver.”

Headquartered in Malibu, California, WTG is a connectivity services distributor and one of the top master agents in the country with a portfolio of over 150 technology providers. “There couldn’t be a better way to accelerate WTG’s Cloudology, the study of the cloud, then by partnering with Convey,” said Salwa Scarpone, VP of Marketing for WTG. “As WTG expands its portfolio of cloud and connectivity providers, Convey’s solution offers the most efficient way to distribute information and engage our agent partners to keep them trained on cloud and other services in an incredibly scalable way. Convey integrates with WTG’s agent support portal, allowing for our agents the ability to view provider content, promotions and training.”

“Master agents like MicroCorp and WTG, along with their providers, have adopted Convey as a best practice for delivering product information, promotions, training and incentives to their sales partners,” said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of Convey. “Our system engages sales partners, creates calls to action, and allows providers to promote themselves in a very specific and direct way. We are much more than just content delivery. There is no other single location where sales partners, VARs and MSPs can get such a comprehensive view of their marketplace.”

Convey’s portal technology can be integrated with 3rd party systems like MicroCorp’s Nautilus and WTG’s PartnerEdge to give the viewer a seamless experience without having to log in to multiple locations. Convey’s API and single sign-on interface allows developers to integrate the two systems in a matter of days, ensuring that only authorized members of a master agent community can view content on any Convey platform.

About MicroCorp
MicroCorp is the premier value added distributor of telecom and cloud solutions. Since 1986, we have simplified the purchase and management of telecommunications services for business customers. Today, the MicroCorp People Powered Network™ is nothing short of the most powerful combination of back office systems, people and support offerings in the industry. MicroCorp can be your whole back office or an extension of your current team, so you can focus on growing your business profitably. With a portfolio of solutions from more than 50 premier telecom and cloud providers combined with our collaborative back office portal, Nautilus, we are the trusted, skilled partner for a national network of agents, MSPs and VARs. For more information:

About Convey
Convey Services is a cloud-based Business4Business (B4B) Partner Engagement Platform that hosts and delivers content, training, promotions and events to improve communication between manufacturers/vendors and their distributors and brokers. It allows suppliers to engage channel resellers with up-to-date product information and training by hosting product content and events from multiple vendors on a single managed site. Convey keeps distributors and brokers informed, to improve product sales and customer support. Convey is feature-rich, easy-to-use, and customizable.
Convey is the sponsor of the Cloud Conventions Virtual Expo 2016 with over 100 virtual exhibitors representing leading cloud and telecom technology solutions. Cloud Conventions is free to attend and runs through March 2016 and features eleven educational sessions. Virtual booths display product information, partner programs, and specialized promotions. For more information visit, or call 888-975-1382.


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