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MicroCorp, Inc. Acquires Premier Management Group, LLC

December 7, 2011

Combined Company will be the largest Telecom Agency on the East Coast, and MicroCorp will also expand its portfolio by signing a strategic partnership agreement with Premier Solutions Group, LLC to provide Technology Solutions throughout the United States.

Atlanta, GA & Lancaster, PA – December 7th 2011 – MicroCorp, Inc. (MicroCorp) the Nation’s leading Telecom Master Agency, announces today the signing of a definitive agreement under which they have acquired the assets of Premier Management Group (PMG) of Lancaster Pennsylvania. PMG is a business unit of Premier Companies, LLC and provides managed telecom solutions to small, medium and enterprise sized business customers throughout the Northeast.

The acquisition will enhance MicroCorp’s already strong presence in the Northeast, and will significantly increase its market share in the attractive state of Pennsylvania. Additionally, the strategic relationship will allow MicroCorp to expand its portfolio of services through a partnership agreement with Premier Solutions Group, LLC (PSG), thereby allowing MicroCorp to provide converged single-source-solutions to its nationwide distribution channel.

According to Daryl Heller, Chief Executive Officer of Premier Companies, LLC, “We made the strategic decision to divest our PMG business unit, as we feel the combination of MicroCorp, PMG and PSG will bring a tremendous value proposition and intrinsic benefit to both our current and prospective customers, as well as all stakeholders of Premier. We share similar values and a common commitment to Premier’s core purpose of ‘innovative solutions, unparalleled service’. As we developed our strategic direction, it became clear that a synergistic partner could further augment our value proposition at Premier. The MicroCorp brand was of particular interest given their impeccable reputation, common worldview of directional movement of our industry, cultural alignment, and the unrelenting commitment to develop and layer managed solutions that enhance value to our respective customers. Simply put – The ultimate goal of our strategic relationship is to continue the evolution of our service offering by increasing value to our customers, thereby allowing us to deepen our partnership with current customers and be better positioned to acquire new customer partnerships as we move into the future together.”

MicroCorp will retain the “Premier” brand and operate PMG as a wholly owned subsidiary that will collaborate with PSG in providing integrated and converged telecom and technology solutions. The Company will continue to operate from the Premier Office Building in Lancaster, PA, alongside the PSG team.

PSG will increase its focus on application development, managed services, Cisco advanced technologies such as wireless, voice, video, data center and security, while also launching some voice cloud services through a soon-to-be announced joint venture.

According to Brad Miehl, Chief Executive Officer of MicroCorp, Inc. “There will be no disruption to PMG, PSG or its customers, just layers of added value to make each business operate more efficiently, while providing enhanced solutions to our respective customers and business partners. The Premier Group of Companies has done an outstanding job in delivering best-in-class managed solutions to their customers. Working together, we will not only enhance these solutions and diverse resources but, in time, distribute them nationwide. This partnership will allow the collective Companies to extend the services it can provide the marketplace and, in turn, continue to solidify our position as an industry leader. This is truly an exciting time for each of our respective companies, our employees and the MicroCorp channel”

The PMG and MicroCorp transaction closed on December 7th and the full integration of operations will be completed by February 1st 2012.

About Premier Companies, LLC.
Founded in 1990, and primarily focused in the Northeast, Premier Companies, LLC is a holding Company for Premier Management Group, which provides procurement, brokerage and managed solutions, while Premier Solutions Group provides voice, video, wireless, data center, security and managed solutions as well as application development. The two Companies collaborate together in providing innovative and customized advanced technology solutions in a single-source fashion to customers that improve productivity and efficiency, reduce cost and delivers both a lower TCO and a compelling ROI. For more information about Premier Companies, please visit

About MicroCorp
Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, MicroCorp, Inc. is one of the nations’ leading Telecom Master Agencies that supports and manages over 1,500 professional Agents and VARS nationwide. MicroCorp maintains carrier agreements with over 40 vendors, and supports its business via an internally developed cloud based CRM and Back Office application called Nautilus. MicroCorp is a Graduate Member of the Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech, and serves on the advisory board of many telecommunication carriers and associations. For more information about MicroCorp, please visit


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