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MicroCorp Reaches $1M MRR Milestone with Spectrum

January 15, 2018

Spectrum Enterprise has recognized MicroCorp for reaching $1 million in monthly recurring revenue, spurred by recent growth in Ethernet sales.

Spectrum's Michelle Kadlacek

Spectrum’s Michelle Kadlacek

Michelle Kadlacek, Spectrum Enterprise’s senior director of channel partner sales, says MicroCorp has “perennially been a key partner and an advisory council member for the Spectrum Partner Program, so it is fitting that they would reach this substantial milestone.”

“Spectrum is committed to the channel-partner community and we place great value on our relationship with MicroCorp,” she said. “We look forward to the continued partnership, success, and the next $1 million milestone. Congratulations go to MicroCorp for this incredible accomplishment.”

MicroCorp said its partners are growing in the areas of network, infrastructure and SD-WAN — all “heavily reliant on reliable bandwidth.” With a significant amount of those bandwidth sales going to Spectrum, MicroCorp’s order management team has “longstanding expertise with Spectrum’s various systems and processes,” it said.

“Milestones such as this only happen when there is mutual support for one another’s objectives,” said Phil Keenan, MicroCorp’s president. “Spectrum provides effective tools for channel partners to manage opportunities from end to end. Most unique is BuyFlow, which provides the install date and the ability for our team to fully service channel partners.”


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