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Tired of Talking About Diversity? Too Bad

March 18, 2019

Written by Kris Blackmon for

These strong women in tech have plenty to say, and they’re not going to stop speaking up.

As I was researching a story for International Women’s Day, last Friday, I was once again struck by the lack of energy around recent conversations about diversity.

It’s called Diversity Fatigue, and it’s a real thing. For decades, companies have promoted diversity workshops, sensitivity training, inclusion programs and hiring quotas. Here in the IT channel, there’s at least one keynote per year from a high-profile speaker standing in front of a crowd of hundreds talking about innovation bias and the diversity imperative.

I want to be clear: The vast majority of men I know respect and value their female colleagues, direct reports and superiors just as much as they do the males they work with, and when it comes to inclusion initiatives, they’re all in. But there are definite pockets of men in our industry who make it clear they’re tired of talking about diversity. After all, women hold some of the highest offices in the land and occupy executive seats in some of the world’s most valuable companies. What more do we want? More to the point, what more do we want from them?

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