Download our SD-WAN Matrix today!
Download our SD-WAN Matrix today!

Solutions Alliance

microcorp solutions allianceA next generation ecosystem community that brings together agents and independent providers.

Solutions Alliance is a unique way to leverage the trusted relationships our agent partners have with customers making the broadest range of solutions in our industry accessible to them.

MicroCorp launches the program with five specialized solutions providers delivering a variety of expertise such as IT maintenance, asset management, domestic and international IT project management and other critical services.

As customers increasingly consume services on a monthly billing basis, recurring commission revenue opportunities for our agent partners abound. Channel partners have earned their trusted advisor status with their customers around traditional telecom or data center services but the waterfront of solutions is expanding rapidly and you simply can’t build expertise in all of these areas through training. There has to be a different approach.

The Solutions Alliance is a trusted ecosystem of independent solution providers that our channel partners can engage with in confidence knowing that the services will be delivered and that they will get paid.

As a master agent with 31 years of industry experience and having never missed a commission payment date, MicroCorp has built a solid reputation for negotiating robust provider contracts, delivering leading value add through high touch order management while being the industry standard for commission administration. These are the essential core assets of any successful and trusted ecosystem that MicroCorp will deliver to their agent partners.

As more and more solutions are delivered on a recurring basis, next generation agents will want to take advantage of his new opportunity. The Solutions Alliance is another step in MicroCorp’s history of innovative offerings and it will allow channel partners to achieve enormous success in this new services delivery model.

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