Download our SD-WAN Matrix today!
Download our SD-WAN Matrix today!

MicroCorp Cloud

MicroCorp Cloud

MicroCorp Cloud

The MicroCorp Cloud Division provides specialized pre-sales and marketing resources covering Colocation, Hosting, Cloud, XaaS, Security, and Professional Services.

Most master agencies today create the illusion that their channel partners can become experts in all IT engineering disciplines. Given it takes decades to attain this expertise, MicroCorp has taken a more attainable approach providing seasoned industry expertise, strategic account engagement, training, market intelligence and marketing collateral, on-demand, for all signed MicroCorp partners.

This targeted consulting approach, coupled with our industry-leading training and provider portfolio, arms our partners with what it takes to quickly become their client’s trusted IT consultant covering most all IT disciplines.

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Ultimate Partner Training

MicroCorp Cloud provides the lead trainers for this intense classroom experience for partners who want to stay on top of the industry’s latest trends, technologies, and sales tactics.

Ultimate Partner Training has resulted in some specific wins, and lucrative deals have come about from the networking and educational opportunities afforded by the event. Learn more about the successes of SinglePoint Solutions, below.

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Security & Compliance

Managed SOCaaS, CISO as a Service, Penetration Testing, Mobile Device Management, and DDOS mitigation.

Hosting & Cloud

Cloud Strategy, IaaS, DRaaS, DaaS, Backup, and Logical Migration.

Data Center & Interconnection

Colocation, Cloud IX, RFP, Contract (Re)Negotiation, Physical Migration, Leaseback, and Decommissioning.

DevOps & Software

DevOps as a Service, Automation, and Software Licensing.

Cloud Events: Join us for upcoming webinars, bootcamps, and Ultimate Partner Training

We’re dedicated to your success.

As the Channel’s leading master agent, MicroCorp maintains a strong provider/agent community to keep partners educated, successful, and experts in their field.

Sign more deals, make more money.

We make sure your orders are managed smoothly, commissioned properly, and you get your cut.

Maintain your technology expertise.

Our partner ecosystem keeps you up on today’s technologies so you can become the expert for your customers.

Recommend the best for your partners.

We help channel managers solidify their relationships with their partners and facilitate relationships.


Nautilus supports every phase of the telecom and cloud sales process so you are more informed, more effective and more able to support your clients.

Nautilus is the most advanced back office portal in the industry. It streamlines every step of the process of selling and supporting telecom and cloud services, so you can maximize your profit.



MicroCorp is the premier value-added master agent, distributing a complete range of network and cloud solutions and giving you the channel partner support you need to be a trusted advisor to your customers.

Our network of subject matter experts make sure that you can back each innovative telecommunications and cloud solution with confidence.


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Contact us to see why so many partners rely on us for the expertise, solutions and resources necessary to sell and support telecom and cloud services.

Rely on us as a trusted, skilled partner who will help you meet the changing demands for telecom and cloud with the best solutions available.


Let us help you grow your business.

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