Strategic Partner Manager


Position Summary

The Partner Manager/Strategic Partner Manager (PM/SPM) is an essential part of the Sales Organization and the success of MicroCorp. The Partner Manager will report directly to the Manager of Partner Support. The PM/SPM is responsible for proactively working directly with an assigned group of Partners to enhance their sales success while achieving their personal quota revenue and MicroCorp revenue goals. The PM/SPM owns the Partner Experience and takes direct responsibility for ensuring all Partners have the MicroCorp resources, education, carrier introductions, and knowledge to build a solid recurring revenue stream through MicroCorp. The PM/SPM takes primary responsibility for ensuring the partner experience is exceptional and acts as a Partner Advocate within MicroCorp.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Direct Ownership of select Partners to achieve monthly quota
  • Direct Responsibility for Partner Development, Engagement, and Education
    Management of Partner Quotes and Order Submission
  • Responsible for knowing, understanding, and being able to sell all key Provider
  • Understand the essentials of all Providers in the MicroCorp Portfolio
  • Develop and Maintain relationships with Key Provider Channel Assets
  • Direct Responsibility for Recruiting new Partners
  • Direct Ownership of On-Boarding and Training process of new Partners
  • Effective and Consistent use of Data and Reports to Manage Assigned Partner Base
  • Personally responsible for an industry education plan
  • Seeks opportunities to find new reselling and provider partners that achieve MicroCorp Goals

Key Tasks:

  • Achieve Monthly Quota
  • Maintain Nautilus Data on partners and sales activity
  • Interact with Partners weekly
  • Enter, Track, and Manage Quotes for assigned partners
  • Guide and Manage the Pricing Experience for all assigned Partners
  • Explain quotes to partners to ensure they are prepared to present and close deals
  • Maintain Nautilus Dashboards and Report Cards to Achieve specified goals
  • Run, Analyze, and Utilize Key Reports weekly, monthly, and quarterly to achieve goals


  • Exceptional organizational and time management skills
  • Minimum of 3+ years of prior Telecom experience (Indirect Preferred)
  • Cloud, Hosted, and Data Center experience preferred
  • Customer support and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills
  • Effective use of Outlook, Excel, and Word

Job Type: Full-time